Construction is underway at Hillsdale Shopping Center. With the holiday shopping season approaching, be assured that automobile and pedestrian traffic will not be significantly affected. We’re excited to see major progress, and we want to share an update on an approximate timeline of next steps:




North Block Redevelopment with New Dining Terrace over 31st Avenue

North Block Redevelopment with New Dining Terrace over 31st Avenue

Indoor Dining Terrace

Indoor Dining Terrace

Outdoor Dining Terrace

Outdoor Dining Terrace



Week of September 20:

  • The former Sears building, Food Court and old Cost Plus World Market will be demolished.

Week of September 26:

  • Tear-down of the building over 31st Avenue begins, leaving only a basic platform structure through January, 2017. That platform is home of the new Dining Terrace.
  • 31st Avenue closes to automobile traffic through early November, 2016. Pedestrian traffic allowed on the south side of 31st Avenue.
  • 31st Avenue will then reopen to vehicle traffic prior to the Thanksgiving holiday season. Pedestrian access from 31st Avenue into the Center will be available the entire time.


  • Debris and the original steel structure of the demolished buildings will be removed from the property. Significant portions of the steel and concrete will be recycled. Once the debris is removed additional below-grade demolition opens the way for new foundations to be set.


  • Excavation, underground & utilities work, and steel bracing continue, creating a foundation system for the North Block project. 31st Avenue is fully open to vehicular and pedestrian traffic for the Holiday Season. Ho Ho Ho!


  • 31st Avenue reopens to automobile traffic prior to the Thanksgiving holiday and remains open through January 1st.
  • During the months of November and December, construction work will continue on the North Block but will be contained exclusively to that area, leaving Hillsdale Shopping Center fully accessible for your shopping and dining enjoyment.


First Week of January

  • 31st Avenue closes again to automobile and pedestrian traffic thru mid-year.
  • Construction begins on a new traffic roundabout and a new 31st Avenue bridge.
  • Foundations for the North Block structure are set during January, and a new building will become visible by mid-February.
  • The structure over 31st to house the new Dining Terrace will become visible by mid-March, 2017.
  • The new Dining Terrace will be built during the first six months of 2017. Spring and Summer will usher in rapid growth of the new structures with facades expected to appear by Fall.

Hillsdale Shopping Center will remain open for regular business during the entire remodeling project.
Keep shopping and watch the “new” Hillsdale Shopping Center emerge before your eyes!