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is about providing choices to ensure alternative travel reliability.

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) is a combination of services, incentives, facilities, and actions that reduce single-occupant vehicle (SOV) trips to help relieve traffic congestion, parking demand, and air pollution problems. The purpose of TDM is to promote more efficient utilization of existing transportation resources, and to ensure that new developments are designed to maximize the potential for sustainable transportation usage.

Trains and Bus Routes


  • Caltrain Commuter Rail (Caltrain) provides commuter rail service between San Francisco and San Jose, with limited service to Gilroy during commute hours. The Hillsdale Caltrain Station provides baby-bullet service and is located about a 3-minute walk from the Center, reducing carbon emissions by encouraging use of public transit. For Caltrain schedules and fares, visit
  • The San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans) provides bus service within 18 cities in San Mateo County and into portions of San Francisco and Palo Alto. For bus schedules and fares visit



  • Bicycling can be a fun, dependable, and virtually free mode of transportation. Bicycling also burns 300 to 500 calories per hour, so you can commute and stay fit at the same time.
  • Nearly every part of the Bay Area has a bicycle organization that provides information and resources. Learn more at where you can also find maps, safety info and commuter tips.
  • Bicycles are allowed on all Bay Area buses, ferries and nearly all rail lines. Most Bay Area public transit buses are equipped with bicycle racks. For a downloadable bicycle brochure visit


Request a taxi, Uber or Lyft ride to reach Hillsdale Shopping Center during our mall shopping hours from Mon-Sat. 10am – 9pm and Sunday 11am – 7pm. Download the Lyft or Uber apps or call your local taxi companies.


For info on carpools, vanpools or bicycle partners, visit 511 Regional Rideshare Program and the Peninsula Traffic Congestive Relief Alliance ( and or download the Scoop app


BART offers quick reliable service from around the San Francisco Bay Area and easy connection stop at Millbrae to CalTrain. For info and schedules visit


Sidewalks are present on all roadway segments within San Mateo offering heart healthy alternatives to driving. For info visit


Convenient and secure BikeLink® bicycle lockers are available for a few hours, overnight or for several days. For info visit Located in the parking lots directly behind Carbon Health and Pinstripes. North Block Plaza.