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2020 was quite a year, to say the least! We are all ready to welcome a brand new year into our lives. We’ve curated a guide to help you navigate the start of 2021 with a fresh and optimistic outlook.

Back to Basics

It’s time to clear away all the clutter! Start the year off with a closet that is filled with things you love. The best method for the most efficient closet clean out is to take everything (yes, everything!) out of your closet and only put back the items you absolutely can’t live without. Put aside any seasonal items (bathing suits and lightweight summer dresses, for example) that you won’t be wearing for a few months. Then, separate what’s left into two piles – a maybe pile, and a donate pile. Work your way through the maybes for the next month or so and whatever you don’t wear, donate or sell it! The best part of a good closet clean out? Heading to Hillsdale afterward to fill in the new empty spots
in your wardrobe with fresh new basics! When shopping for basics, it’s a great idea to stick to neutrals so the new item will work with everything that is already in your closet.





West Elm


Get Moving

It’s not always about losing weight – sometimes a healthy new year’s resolution can simply be getting moving for good health and for a positive outlook! DIY workout options have never been more popular and plentiful, whether it be getting outside to run with a running app in your new kicks from Footlocker, streaming a live yoga class on your Lululemon yoga mat, or riding your at-home spin bike in your Leggings Park leggings. Get out there (or stay in!) and get that heart pumping for your best start for 2021!





Leggings Park


Get Organized

Starting off a new year with a game plan always feels great no matter what your schedule looks like. Get your plans organized with the help of a new 2021 planner from Barnes & Noble. Finally get those tangled necklaces looking beautiful on display with a jewelry organizer from West Elm that will make a gorgeous statement on your dresser. Don’t
forget to organize your digital life, too! Clean off that cluttered desktop with an external hard drive from Apple.

Barnes & Noble 


West Elm




Hit Refresh

After the lights and garland are packed away, take some time to refresh your home and give it a good clean to start 2021 on the right foot. Swap the Christmas candle scents for something fresh, like Sun Drenched Linen from White Barn. Or if you prefer a more holistic approach, fill a diffuser with your favorite essential oil to purify the air and create an enticing scent throughout your space. Consider bringing in some color with a beautiful print from Ethan Allen.


Ethan Allen


White Barn




Lighten Up

After all the filling meals and sweet treats that come along with the holiday season, it will feel great to lighten up the menu a bit! At Hillsdale there are plenty of ways to choose a healthier, lighter option for your next meal, whether you’re
dining with us or cooking at home. Treat yourself to a hearty but healthy salad at California Pizza Kitchen, let your taste buds marvel at the unique flavor of a refreshing poke bowl at Blue Whale Poke Bar and Grill, or make your own light meal at home with a new air fryer available at Macy’s.

California Pizza Kitchen




Blue Whale Poke Bar & Grill